Hi! I am Nerijus.

Software Craftsmen
Open Source Developer
Certified Professional

01. Introduction

I'm Nerijus Eimanavičius - a developer living in Lithuania. I specialize in creating quality code by writing code with stakeholder mindset.

Exchanges knowledge

and can boost the efficiency
and the quality of the solution

Able to think,
observe, remember

and resolve problems

Understands why

all the coding is done
and where are the fruits
Hard Working

02. Collaboration

While I am not currently accepting new work, I'm always excited to hear about new ideas and collaborations.

03. Get in Touch

I love to make new contacts with new people. Feel free and drop me an email: nerijus@eimanavicius.lt

Thank you for coming. Hope you had a little nice time here :)

Have the day you deserve!